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Medicine is dated to very long ago. However, we get to see that there have been very many advances have come about as a result of the necessity. For instance, during wars, there was a need for medicine and medical care to cure wounds and injuries sustained. It is obvious that in cases of wars or while in the battle fields what is more important is not a matter of will win or lose but instead ones' health. 


History has proven to us that in most battle fields what kills most people is, in fact, the poor sanitation and negligence of proper medical care. One thing that should never miss in a battlefield camp is the medical supplies which should be used in the dressing of the wounded persons. 


A healthcare expert has various methods of wound dressing options such as from Save Rite Medical to choose from depending on the type of wounds they are attending to. The size of the wound and the area around which the wound is located also influences the dressing a medical practitioner will use. The need to cover and dress a wound was also of great importance in the past centuries. Although in those days the medical supplies were not as advanced as is to the present day, people still tried to perform some basic functions of the wound dressing and first aid. This was done mostly to prevent further damage than the one already caused and also to prevent the wound from getting infected by germs which were prone to entering an open wound.


While dressing a wound, one should ensure they drain off all the liquid substances in it such as pus or even blood. In very serious and infected wound cases you'll notice some odors coming from the wounds. While dressing a wound, you should also see to it that you don't use hypoallergenic. Long ago people used linen and cotton materials as bandages while dressing wounds. 


Nowadays, you'll get to see different things getting used in a wound dressing here. If you walk into a medical facility or store, you'll find gauzes which are in fact the most common. A gauze is a thin net-like fabric which is used in dressing less serious wounds. For patients with sensitive skin types are advised to use a dressing material made of tulle as this one doesn't stick on the wound sides. 


You need to research to know the types of dressings you require for the different type of wounds. You also have to ensure you get the dressing material from a reputable source.


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